Shaurya Gupta

Welcome to my homepage! I am Shaurya Gupta, a software engineer from India who is passionate about Haskell, programming languages and compilers!

I take notes in Zettelkasten style using Neuron which is also used to generate this website.


I am a SWE working in the Compiler Release Tooling team at Google Munich. I was previously a Haskell consultant at Juspay and before that I was an intern at Google and D.E. Shaw. I received my B.Tech. in CSE from Indian Institute of Technology Patna. I have worked on language servers for C++ and Haskell, a json schema language and a propietary PureScript to Haskell transpiler.

In a previous life, I did Competitive Programming and went to the ICPC World Finals twice.

My dev setup is Arch Linux with XMonad, XMobar and Kitty. I’m in the process of transitioning to NixOS.

Although I am not a very artsy person, I like to think I have a good taste (thanks to Hiro!) in films(Letterboxd) and music(, Spotify) and would love to exchange recommendations.

My name is pronounced as short + ya. I go by the online alias SureYeaah which sounds similar to my name.


  • 2020 September: Started SWE job at Google
  • 2020 June: Graduated with a B.Tech in CSE from IIT Patna
  • 2020 January: Starting a part time Haskell consultant role at Juspay.
  • 2019 June: Starting SWE internship at Google Munich.


Under construction 🚧.

Contact me

Feel free to drop me an e-mail or follow me on Github and Twitter! I hangout on IRC (#sureyeaah) and Discord (SureYeaah#4029).

You can also see my résumé and LinkedIn.